Theatre at Chattisgarh

Nhance engineers worked with architects in coming with the design of a roof structure that is similar to pre-engineered Building structural configuration with the structure below the roof as a conventional RC structure. The roof structure connections were designed to all loading types and the anchoring was provided for the RC structure.  The unique mixed form of structural system met both architects and owners functional and aesthetic requirements.

Location - Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

Owner - Chhattisgarh State Government

Architect & client - BK Thati &Associates

Precast Concrete Structures - rural projects

Nhance engineers designed a precast chamber of size 4m x 1.5m in plan and of 4m height.  These chambers house valves of village water supply systems.  Each structure is made up of two modules that are prepared offsite and assembled at site.  Our engineers proposed a simple easy to assemble water proof connection that can be connected with local workmen.

Nhance has engineers proposed a similar precast concrete structure system for cattle feed water trough in the Rajastan state.  The tanks were of 3.5kl capacity and located at over 200 different villages.  Nhance performed design of these precast modules considering transport constraints and lifting requirements.

Location – Various at Rajasthan

Owner – Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Rajastan

Client – Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd


Toll gate plazas – Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad

Nhance engineers worked with Egis project engineers in designing 21 toll plaza control centers for the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road project. The Control centers range from 4000 sqft to 40000 sqft of two to three story structures. The design considered MEP and significant IT infrastructure & datacenter in some of the buildings.

Our engineers standardized the sizes of columns, beams and spans for ease construction and reusability of formwork. Another interesting challenge was designing large spans of upto 16m and designing foundations over existing utilities.

Location – Hyderabad, Telangana

Owner – Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited

Client – Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd

Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

Nhance engineers designed entry and exit arms and walk way corridors for a number of stations of the Hyderabad Metro rail project. Each station requires design of four exit and entry arms.

Our work required material optimization while considering lateral stability of the structures, designing foundations in the constrained areas and controlling the uplift.  Our engineers also designed precast members and design and detail of connection between precast with cast-in members.  The design process required three stage approvals which nhance managed seamlessly with the client team.

Location – Hyderabad, Telangana

Owner – Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited

Client – L&T Metro Rail Ltd

Wagon Tippler Rehabilitation and Expansion - MESCO

Mesco wanted to rehabilitate the Wagon tippler that was originally designed for 81 tons but was never in operation to a new capacity of 140 tons and as per the latest RDSO design standards.

Nhance proposed nondestructive testing of existing structure, suggested strengthening of wagon tippler walls and proposed chemical treatment to arrest the water seepage. To strengthen existing walls haunches were designed to meet the new loads that are coming on the structure. Ensured that the wagon tippler walls can support the loads from the nearby track during construction. The scope of nhance work also included design of steel super structure and auxiliary buildings.

Location – Kalingnagar, Odisha

Owner and Client – Mideast Integrated Steel Limited (Mesco)

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