Bhubaneshwar Thermal Power Project

Nhance designed and provided fabrication drawings of Coal Handling Plant for the 2x67.5MW TPP. One of the design challenges was in designing the 54m tall slender junction tower for wind speeds of 180kmph while maintaining the deflection criteria and optimizing the weight of the structure. This was a fast track project that was completed in under two and half months including approvals from the owner’s engineers Toshiba Power Systems Limited. Our work also involved design of crusher houses and screen houses. In addition to the design of CHP, nhance also provided fabrication drawings for the TG building structure.

Location– Anantapur, Odisha

Owner– Bhubaneshwar Power Private Limited

Client – Bevconwayors Pvt Ltd

1x12 MW CDQ Power Plant (6MTPA integrated Steel Plant project – Kalingnagar)

Nhance scope of work involved design of complete power plant layout and all the structures of the plant including roads and drainage. Some of the key structures that our engineers worked include Turbine Generator Building, TG Deck foundation, cooling tower and transformer yard. The TG Deck location had very low bearing capacity and we explored both mico-piles and deep foundation options and chose with the deep foundation with raft option. Nhance used advanced finite element softwares to design the TG Deck foundation for the dynamic loads.

Location – Kalingnagar, Odisha

Owner – Tata Steel Limited

Client – Tata Projects Limited

Small Hydro Power station - Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited

Nhance engineers designed the 3x5MW mini hydro power plant that is on the Saurashtra branch canal. Our engineers designed forebay channel, tail pond channel, power house and electrical substations. We explored the options of cantilever wall, counterfort retaining wall and supported retaining wall and selected the most economical option. Soil conditions were challenging because of the poor bearing capacity and with very high active soil pressure. Optimum solution required evaluating number of configurations and our technical software team helped in developing the tool that worked with the analysis engine.

Location – Gujarat

Owner – Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited

Client – Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd

Wind Energy - Tower Foundation Design

nhance engineers reviewed and advised the client on the foundation designs of wind towers for over 250 MW total capacity. Energon is the owner, developer and operator of renewable assets primarily based in India. Wind turbine foundations undergo different types of loads compared to a normal foundation because of the height of the tower and continuous vibration of the turbines. The design needs to be checked for fatigue condition of both rebar and concrete and localized stresses due to anchoring in addition to the usual stability, strength and crack width checks. Although Indian codes remain the base standard, international codes like Euro codes have substantially detailed provisions and the reviews were carried to the Euro code standards. Where needed, numerical analysis too was carried using advanced analysis softwares to consider the shear effects in the elements.

Location: Multiple

Owner and Client: Energon Power Resources Pvt Ltd (part of Equis Energy)

Cooling Fan Foundation - Essar Steel

nhance team designed the cooling fan foundation which required advanced numerical analysis of complete pilecap with piles and soil. Loading was harmonic in nature and as per the supplier’s guidelines. Rigorous conditions of the German supplier meant that the foundation's natural frequency needed to lie within tight boundaries and nhance team optimized the structural configuration that met the demanding requirements of the client and supplier.

The foundation could not be modelled using the popular structural engineering software and required use of advanced numerical simulation tools. nhance as a supplier and developer of numerical software was able to work with client to come to a suitable design.

Client - Essar Steel Limited

Location - Visakhapatnam

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