Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the fast evolving service that is redefining the project delivery in the design and engineering industry changing everything from the tools, skills required to the way of working with clients.   As a concept, BIM can be thought as a virtual data model allowing one to assess the design performance before it is built.  BIM is more than a 3D model but with information embedded to enable sharing between stakeholder not only through design and construction but through the whole life cycle of the project.

As with any fast developing methodology and process, there are different levels of adoption among clients and we can also help in managing the adoption.  We have people who have experience in using CAD and engineering tools and developing software solutions and with these skillsetwe can help the clients adopt continuously evolving BIM to get better outcomes through collaboration, optimised solutions and faster project delivery.  A major benefit is that this process helps in continual improvement through feedback from the project team and can help on subsequent projects.


Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

Nhance engineers designed entry and exit arms and walk way corridors for a number of stations of the Hyderabad Metro rail project. Each station requires design of four exit and entry arms.Our work required material optimization while considering...