We have experienced professionals to solve one-off problems that the clients face in their projects; many of these problems require good fundamental skills something that our engineers possess through their good academic training and the subsequent in-house peer interactions.  We solve the complex engineering problems using either numerical simulation or custom developed tools. Our specialist work extends to being part of international consortia for conducting research like our UK team in the EU sponsored SaveMeresearch project, one of the 20 participating consortia members.
When we designed the Cooling Fan foundation for Essar Steel, our team combined geotechnical and structural engineering using advanced analysis software to design a configuration that required the frequencies to fall under tight boundaries.   As a representative of analysis software, we are ideally placed to solve complex engineering problems faced by our customers.


Cooling Fan Foundation - Essar Steel

nhance team designed the cooling fan foundation which required advanced numerical analysis of complete pilecap with piles and soil. Loading was harmonic in nature and as per the supplier’s guidelines. Rigorous conditions of the German supplier...