Design and deliver any type of building using BIM approach

Our designers work together to design buildings that work better and come with solutions that are appropriate whether it is a commercial building or public services infrastructure or industrial building.  Depending on the type of building, function, location and usage, nhance engineers can offer range of solutions; be it reinforced concrete or steel or mixed construction and either precast, in-situ or pre-engineered building. When the owners of multiplex theatre at Chattisgarh needed a structure that Is part RC and part steel structure, nhance came up with a PEB solution that fit all the needs of the owner.

Similar innovative approach to design and assembly was carried to the design of multiple small structures in Rajastan using precast concrete structures that were cast centrally in segments that could be transported to different rural locations.

When there was design needed for over 20 administrative buildings at each of the Toll Gate plazas of the Outer Ring Road at Hyderabad, nhance came with individual designs but using common design elements.

nhance engineers delivered a cost-effective and innovative solution for the toll plazas and were supportive throughout the construction process. Mr. Raju Chamarthi S., General Manager – Roads & Highways, Egis-India

Our Projects

Theatre at Chattisgarh

Nhance engineers worked with architects in coming with the design of a roof structure that is similar to pre-engineered Building structural...

Toll gate plazas – Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad

Nhance engineers worked with Egis project engineers in designing 21 toll plaza control centers for the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road project. The Control...