Structural Engineering

We provide strong structural engineering capability comprising of talented and trained structural engineers combined with CAD Engineers whose joint expertise helped in design of entry and exit structures in Hyderabad Metro rail project and the foundation design of Wind mills at Fatanpur, MP.

We have extensive experience in the design and supervision of structural engineering projects in private and public sectors, Indian and international markets and ranging from industrial to building structures. We can offer services that cover all the stages from conceptual and feasibility planning to detailed design and project management.

With in-house expertise in developing technical software and as user and representative of advanced engineering software, we have the skillset needed to solve engineering problems either earthquake & dynamic load or non-linear analysis comprising both material and geometric nonlinearity. Our CAD and engineering team are adopting 3D modeling techniques and Building Information Modelling. This enables us to solve challenges such as difficult site conditions, complex foundations and interface with existing and neighboring structures and come with efficient and optimal designs.

"nhance has very knowledgeable structural engineering team who are able to deal with all one-off problems." A long-term American client

Our Projects

Theatre at Chattisgarh

Nhance engineers worked with architects in coming with the design of a roof structure that is similar to pre-engineered Building structural...

Bhubaneshwar Thermal Power Project

Nhance designed and provided fabrication drawings of Coal Handling Plant for the 2x67.5MW TPP. One of the design challenges was in designing the 54m...

Cooling Fan Foundation - Essar Steel

nhance team designed the cooling fan foundation which required advanced numerical analysis of complete pilecap with piles and soil. Loading was...

Pump Houses at Simhasta Link on Narmada

Pump Houses at Simhasta Link on Narmada