Project Details

Wind Energy - Tower Foundation Design

nhance engineers reviewed and advised the client on the foundation designs of wind towers for over 250 MW total capacity. Energon is the owner, developer and operator of renewable assets primarily based in India. Wind turbine foundations undergo different types of loads compared to a normal foundation because of the height of the tower and continuous vibration of the turbines. The design needs to be checked for fatigue condition of both rebar and concrete and localized stresses due to anchoring in addition to the usual stability, strength and crack width checks. Although Indian codes remain the base standard, international codes like Euro codes have substantially detailed provisions and the reviews were carried to the Euro code standards. Where needed, numerical analysis too was carried using advanced analysis softwares to consider the shear effects in the elements.

  • Location : Multiple
  • Owner : Energon Power Resources Pvt Ltd (part of Equis Energy)
  • Architect & client : Energon Power Resources Pvt Ltd (part of Equis Energy)