Nhance Consulting Engineers, a reseller of the LUSAS software , has successfully organized two half day seminars in Mumbai and Delhi.  The seminar focussed on bridge design and covered design of Prestressed I girder composite bridge, integral bridge and design of other specialist bridges.  LUSAS Bridge Software is a world-leading finite element analysis software applications that can be used for analysis, design and assessment of all types of structures.

Seminar was conducted by :

Mr. Stewart Morrison – Sr Sales Manager

Mr. Andrew Taylor- Senior Engineer

Mr. Taylor is a long-time user of LUSAS software and will be showing the key design features.   The Session included following topics:

    • Vehicle Load Optimization  and moving loads
    • Soil Structure Interaction for Bridge Pier's / abutments/Tunnels
    • Creep and shrinkage effects
    • Multiple Tendon Prestressing/Postensioning
    • Mesh refinement in Plate/Shell Elements
    • Custom development or developing environment

Mumbai Seminar took place on 20th June 2018 at Hilton Mumbai International Airport and Delhi one on 26th June 2018 at Jaypee Vasant Continental hotel.