nhance has completed all the structural design work for its client Tata Project Limited for  the 12MW CDQ Power Plant at the 6MTPA Integrated  Steel Plant at Kalingnagar Tata Steel Plant, Odisha.  nhance scope involved design of all the structures or the plant, getting approval  from the client consultant – Tata Consulting Engineers, developing architectural drawings and review of fabrication drawings.   nhance scope of work included

  • Turbine Generator Building
  • Turbine Generator Deck Foundation
  • Transformer Yard
  • Cooling Towers
  • Airwasher Units
  • Roads and Drains

nhance engineers used numerical simulation to model the raft foundation for  the harmonic loads where soil bearing capacity was just 5 tons per sqm.  nhance proposed raft foundation close to hard rock and ensured that natural frequencies are within permissible limits.  Mr. A Sekhar, Head, Construction and Environment, Tata Projects commended nhance’ fantastic design contribution on the turbine foundation that led to flawless operational performance of the equipment.

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