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nhance completes the detailed engineering work for Oman Antimony Roaster Project

Nhance has successfully completed the detailed engineering works the Antimony Roaster Project in Oman. Nhance scope includes modelling all the structures and providing fabrication drawings that include erection drawings, assembly drawings, part drawings, grating drawings, sheeting drawings and bill of materials. Nhance coordinated the work with the owner’s consultant Worley Parsons South Africa to complete following structures

  • Calcine Furnace Building
  • Reduction Furnace Building
  • Lump Breaker Building
  • HTF Inlet Access Platform
  • Crude ATO platform

The project is completed under a very tight schedule and to meet the client’s deadlines nhnace engineers continuously communicated with the owners Engineers and obtained progressive approvals.

Please for more details on our contribution to the project and for our detailed design offer.


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