nhance completes the detailed engineering work for Oman Antimony Roaster Project

Nhance has successfully completed the detailed engineering works the Antimony Roaster Project in Oman. Nhance scope includes modelling all the structures and providing fabrication drawings that include erection drawings, assembly drawings, part drawings, grating drawings, sheeting drawings and bill of materials.  Nhance coordinated the work with the owner’s consultant Worley Parsons South Africa to complete following structures

  • Calcine Furnace Building
  • Reduction Furnace Building
  • Lump Breaker Building
  • HTF Inlet Access Platform
  • Crude ATO platform

The project is completed under a very tight schedule and to meet the client’s deadlines nhnace engineers continuously communicated with the owners Engineers and obtained progressive approvals.

Please contact@nhance-eng.com for more details on our contribution to the project and for our detailed design offer.

nhance completes the engineering design work of 1x12 MW CDQ Power Plant

nhance has completed all the structural design work for its client Tata Project Limited for  the 12MW CDQ Power Plant at the 6MTPA Integrated  Steel Plant at Kalingnagar Tata Steel Plant, Odisha.  nhance scope involved design of all the structures or the plant, getting approval  from the client consultant – Tata Consulting Engineers, developing architectural drawings and review of fabrication drawings.   nhance scope of work included

  • Turbine Generator Building
  • Turbine Generator Deck Foundation
  • Transformer Yard
  • Cooling Towers
  • Airwasher Units
  • Roads and Drains

nhance engineers used numerical simulation to model the raft foundation for  the harmonic loads where soil bearing capacity was just 5 tons per sqm.  nhance proposed raft foundation close to hard rock and ensured that natural frequencies are within permissible limits.  Mr. A Sekhar, Head, Construction and Environment, Tata Projects commended nhance’ fantastic design contribution on the turbine foundation that led to flawless operational performance of the equipment.

Please contact@nhance-eng.com for more details on our contribution to the project and our design offer for Power projects.

Nhance signs agreement with Finite Element Analysis Ltd

nhance Consulting Engineers Pvt and Finite Element Analysis Ltd, author of the world renowned LUSAS suite of software, have signed a distributor agreement to supply the LUSAS software in India.  LUSAS advanced simulation software is a general purpose Finite Element software that is one solution for any structure.  One of the LUSAS solutions for Bridge design - LUSAS Bridge is widely used by engineers across the industry and the RDSO, Lucknow recommends the software to model the rail-track interaction problems that combine nonlinear, dynamic and thermal effects. 

nhance as a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm has been using LUSAS to model nonlinear and dynamic problems on a number of projects.  nhance has extensive experience in developing custom engineering software tools and supporting world leading softwares in India.  Prior to partial sale of business to the global engineering company – Arup Group Ltd, UK; nhance was a distributor of LS-Dyna and associated software in South Asian market.  According to Mr. Stewart Morrison, Regional Account Manager, nhance’ skilled team is an ideal long-term partner both to support the software in India and for identifying the future development effort that the Indian engineers demand of the software. 

The origin of the software go back to 1970 when a group of research workers at Imperial College in London began work on the London University Structural Analysis System - LUSAS.  As a software with strong origins from the academic research, LUSAS maintains close interactions with research community.  LUSAS Academic license is an affordable licensing scheme for use in educational establishments for teaching and research use and is a fully functional version with no limit on problem size.

Please contact@nhance-eng.com for LUSAS software details.

Nhance has successfully organized seminar on Bridge design

Nhance Consulting Engineers, a reseller of the LUSAS software , has successfully organized two half day seminars in Mumbai and Delhi.  The seminar focussed on bridge design and covered design of Prestressed I girder composite bridge, integral bridge and design of other specialist bridges.  LUSAS Bridge Software is a world-leading finite element analysis software applications that can be used for analysis, design and assessment of all types of structures.

Seminar was conducted by :

Mr. Stewart Morrison – Sr Sales Manager

Mr. Andrew Taylor- Senior Engineer

Mr. Taylor is a long-time user of LUSAS software and will be showing the key design features.   The Session included following topics:

    • Vehicle Load Optimization  and moving loads
    • Soil Structure Interaction for Bridge Pier's / abutments/Tunnels
    • Creep and shrinkage effects
    • Multiple Tendon Prestressing/Postensioning
    • Mesh refinement in Plate/Shell Elements
    • Custom development or developing environment

Mumbai Seminar took place on 20th June 2018 at Hilton Mumbai International Airport and Delhi one on 26th June 2018 at Jaypee Vasant Continental hotel.

Nhance is organizing seminar on “better design and assessment of buildings, bridges and foundations”

Nhance Consulting Engineers, a reseller of the LUSAS software , is organizing a half day seminars in Delhi.  The seminar will focus on better design and assessment of building, bridges and foundations using LUSAS software.  LUSAS Bridge Software is a world-leading finite element analysis software applications that can be used for analysis, design and assessment of all types of structures.  

Seminar will be conducted by :
Mr. Philip Icke BEng(Hons) PGDipBA; Marketing Director

Mr. Icke is a long-time member of LUSAS team and will be showing the key design features and examples.  Following will be covered in the Seminar:

Session 1 :  Advanced bridge design
Modelling of PT and pre-stress girder bridges
Construction phases
Highway Load optimisation
Seismicity, rail dynamics
Load combining to codes
Sectional design to codes
Fast, repeatable output

Session 2: Advanced structural assessment and repair
Detailed solid modelling
Concrete cracking, creep
Steel ductility and fatigue
Repair of damaged structures with external jacketing
Soil-structure interaction and ground effects on structure lifecycle
Accurate modelling for reliable prediction of structural failure

Who should attend: Lead/ Senior Structural Engineers,  Engineering Managers , Bridge Engineers,  Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers.  
How to register: Please submit your registration by email with your name, designation and name of the company to contact@nhance-eng.com

Seminar venue:

Time – Wednesday, 6th  November 2019
Registration between 9.30 AM to 10.00 AM
Seminar from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM followed by Lunch
Venue – Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel
Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi,
Delhi 110057

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