nhance is the distributor of LUSAS Civil & Structural: a world-leading finite element analysis software application for the analysis, design and assessment of all types of structures.

Whether you need to carry out a straightforward linear static analysis of a simple structural frame, a dynamic analysis of a masonry or concrete building, or a detailed geometrically nonlinear staged erection analysis of a cable stayed structure, LUSAS Civil & Structural provides all the facilities you need.

Why use LUSAS Civil & Structural?

  • LUSAS Bridge provides cost-effective structural modelling and analysis (including soil-structure interaction) of any structure, in one software package.
  • Global and local modelling is feature-based and allows mixing of element types in the same model.
  • Advanced nonlinear geometry, material and contact modelling.
  • The software can be customised using the LUSAS Programmable Interface.
  • Overall, LUSAS is a long-established and trusted provider to industry leaders, and nhance together with LUSAS Technical Support is stated, by its users, to be simply: "The best in the business."

Use it for global analysis of all types of structures.

  • Building frames / Space frames
  • Simple / complex slabs
  • Masts / towers
  • Grandstands / stadia
  • Storage tanks / silos
  • Cooling towers / chimneys
  • Dams
  • Docks / piers / jetties
  • Tunnels / retaining structures
  • Caissons / gravity base structures

Software options
Software options extend the finite element capabilities of particular products according to your needs.

LUSAS Software Option availability for purchase for use with a particular Civil & Structural Software Product

Fast Solvers  
Vehicle Load Optimisation      
Steel and Composite Deck Designer      
IMDplus Analysis  
Nonlinear Analysis    
Dynamic Analysis    
Thermal / Field Analysis    
Heat of Hydration Analysis    
Rail Track Analysis