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Nhance Engineering Solutions Ltd, an Arup Group company, is pleased to announce agreement to distribute JSTAMP and HYCRASH software of JSOL Corporation in India. This agreement means Indian OEMS, suppliers and consultancy companies can source both LS-DYNA and Integrated Forming solutions directly from nhance. JSOL’s JSTAMP is market leading software in Japan for formability simulation.

JSTAMP is an integrated forming simulation system for virtual tool shop, with extensive functionality that includes

  • Formability evaluation (crack & wrinkle prediction, forming/ holding force prediction, contact force calculation, contact map visualization, material flow evaluation, shock line evaluation, characteristic line movement, trim line evaluation, initial blank line prediction, sectional measurement)
  • High accuracy springback analysis and evaluation (Customized Yoshida-Uemori material model, geometry evaluation function for comparing CAD surface/ Cloud data/ FE mesh, geometry fit function)
  • Accurate initial blank line and trim line prediction, speedy solutions.
  • Robust process management to perform multi-stage forming process
  • Convenient database functions for material database and numerical draw bead database
  • Quick feedback solutions like automatic re-analysis, fillet radius magnification on FE mesh, springback compensation, quality surface generation from FE mesh for use in CAD systems.
  • HYSTAMP for early design stage solution
  • Hot-forming solutions that consider hardness/ tensile strength evaluation, diagrams for continuous cooling of temperature and material models considering micro-structural changes.
  • Interface with various CAD systems (supporting IGES, JAMA-IS, CATIA V4/V5).

HYCrash is a single step inverse forming solution tool. It does not need forming tool setup and rather takes the crashworthiness/ structural analyses input file as input and couples conveniently between forming and crash/ structural analyses, by performing a inverse forming solution within minutes with competent accuracy and automatically assigning pre-strain/ thickness on crashworthiness/ structural analyses input file