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Agreement to distribute Simpleware software in India

Exeter and Hyderabad - 09/02/2011

nHance Engineering Solutions Ltd, an Arup Group company, is pleased to announce agreement to distribute Simpleware software products in India. This agreement with Simpleware means customers in India have access to tools that are easy to use and give unprecedented accuracy to generate models which opens up computational analysis (FEA and CFD) and rapid prototyping to a variety of research fields.

Simpleware develops world-leading mesh generation software for the conversion of 3D scan data into high-quality computational models for FEA, CFD, CAD and Rapid Prototyping. Unlike other approaches, Simpleware provides complete software solutions from importing 3D images through to direct export to commercial FEA and CFD solvers including: ALS-DYNA, ABAQUS, ANSYS, COMSOL, etc. This means that with Simpleware software users can produce better models in a fraction of the time taken with alternative software. Some of the applications where these products are used include Industrial Reverse Engineering, Implant Design and other Biomedical Engineering fields, Materials Research, Geosciences, Oil & Gas, Paleontology, and other Natural Sciences.

Simpleware process