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5th Series Oasys LS-DYNA Update Meetings in India

Pune - Tuesday 17th April 2012 The Ista Hotel, 88 Nagar Road (Adjacent to Aha Khan Palace), Pune.

Bangalore - Thursday 19th April 2012 The Taj Vivanta, Whitefield, Bangalore.

Oasys Ltd and nHance Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd are pleased to announce the fifth Oasys LS-DYNA Update meetings being held in India at two locations. The first will be held on Tuesday 17th April 2012 at The Ista Hotel in Pune and the second on Thursday 19th April at The Taj Vivanta, Whitefield in Bangalore.

Each of these is a full day free of charge event covering both LS-DYNA and Oasys software and is a perfect opportunity to find out about current and future developments and how the software is being used in the engineering community.

Talks will be given discussing the latest features and developments within LS-DYNA and Oasys Suite softwares. We are pleased to welcome guest speakers from Mercedes Benz Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd and General Motors. Also Mr Yun Huang of LSTC will be speaking on the capabilities of LS-DYNA for NVH and Durability.


To register for this event simply send an email to india.support@arup.com with your name, company/affiliation and telephone number. Please also ensure you state your location preference when you register.


The event in Pune will be held at The Ista Hotel which is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel is just 10 minutes drive from the airport and adjacent to the tranquil Aga Khan Palace.

The Ista Hotel
88/4 Pune-Nagar Road
(Adj. Aga Khan Palace)
Pune 411 006


The event in Bangalore will be held at The Taj Vivanta, Whitefield which stands at the main entrance to the International Tech Park, Bangalore.

The Taj vivanta
ITPB, Whitefield
Bangalore - 560 066



Registration for the event will commence at 9.30 AM with the presentations starting at 10 AM. The presentations will come to a close at 5.20pm.

Time Session Presenter
09:30 - 10:00 Registration with tea & coffee
10:00 - 10:10 Introduction Lavendra Singh, Arup
10:10 - 11:00 Session 1
- LS-DYNA & FE Models Update
Brian Walker, Arup
11:00 - 11:30 Morning break & networking  
11:30 - 12:45

Session 2
- Oasys PRIMER Update

Richard Sturt, Arup
12:45 - 14:00 Lunch & networking  
14:00 - 15:30

Session 3

- NVH & Durability Analysis with LS-DYNA
Yun Huang, LSTC
- Oasys Post-Processing Update: D3PLOT, T/HIS & REPORTER Maruthi Kotti, Arup
15:30 16:00 Afternoon break & networking  
16:00 17:15 Session 4 - Pune
- Hycrash & Digitire Takahiko Miyachi, JSOL
- FEMZIP & Simpleware Lavendra Singh, Arup
- Guest Lecture 1 Mercedes Benz Ltd
- Guest Lecture 2 Tata Motors Ltd
16:00 17:15 Session 4 - Bangalore
- Hycrash & Digitire Takahiko Miyachi, JSOL
- FEMZIP & Simpleware Lavendra Singh, Arup
- Guest Lecture 1 Mercedes Benz Ltd
- Guest Lecture 2 General Motors Ltd
17.15 - 17.20 Wrap-up and raffle  
17:20 18:00 Networking Time (Arup & LSTC team available for informal questions)

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding this event you can contact:

Mr Asif Ali
Tel: +91 (0) 40 44369797/8
Email: india.support@arup.com