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nhance engineer delivers lecture on Design Studio at IIT Hyderabad

Mr Krishna Rao, a Senior Engineer at nhance Consulting, is a regular presenter of using computer tools for structural analysis and design. His recent one day course was given at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and this session focussed on using Design Studio. This annual hands-on course is being given for the past 3 years and the recent event was attended by 15 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The one day session covered both using software and the background information on
1. Calculation of loads on the building.
2. Creation of geometry of building, application of loads on model.
3. Analyzing and Reporting and viewing results, summary of results and enveloping results.
4. General aspects like modifying elements, changing analysis model, extracting results etc.

Krishna has extensive experience in the design of Infrastructure, Industrial and Power sectors. He also has number of years of experience in developing commercial technical software and custom tools for Structural and Geotechnical engineers.

Krishna and our other experts do give presentations to budding engineers. We are usually busy but we do allocate some hours each year to share our experiences if the lectures are scheduled with sufficient advance notice. Please contact us at contact@nhance-eng.com