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4th Series Oasys LS-DYNA
Indian Update Meetings 2011
Pune and Bangalore

The fourth series update meetings for Oasys and LS-DYNA software were held at the Ista Hotel, Pune on 3rd May 2011 and at the Taj Vivanta Hotel, Bangalore on 5th May 2011. Both events attracted wide interest from the user community with over ninety five users registering in Pune and over one hundred and sixty in Bangalore.

Users at both events were updated on new features in release 5.1.1 of LS-DYNA 971 and version 10 of the Oasys Suite. They were also introduced to some forthcoming features in LS-DYNA 980 and in the Oasys suite. Mr. Suri Bala, Livermore Software Technology Corporation introduced a set of new and upcoming features of LS-DYNA. Mr. Bala also demonstrated D3View which can help manage large sets of simulation data and in gaining insight from past simulations.

Both events witnessed enthusiastic participation from the user community, with the Pune including three user presentations, and the Bangalore four. The Pune event included presentations by Mr. Aditya Malladi from Tata Motors, Mr. Kaviraj Shinde from Infotech Enterprises, and Mr. Srikanth Kethu from Mercedes-Benz R&D Pvt India Ltd. The Bangalore event included presentations by Mr Ashok Kumar from Infotech Enterprises, Mr. P Chandra Mouli from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Mr. Amit Gupta from Mercedes-Benz R&D Pvt India Ltd, and Mr. Vijay Kumar Iyer, GM Technical Center Pvt Ltd.

Please contact at india.support@arup.com for information, training and support of Oasys and LS-DYNA software

Presentations can be downloaded from the events page at http://www.oasys-software.com/dyna/en/

Top left Mr. Suri Bala presenting at Pune event; Right delegates at Bangalore event;
Bottom Left Oasys & nhance team