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5th Series Oasys LS-DYNA Indian Update Meetings 2012
Pune and Bangalore

nhance organized fifth series update meetings for Oasys and LS-DYNA software were held in the Ista Hotel, Pune on 17th April 2012 and in the Taj Vivanta Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore on 19th April 2012. Both the events attracted wide interest from user community with participants over 120 in Pune and 130 in Bangalore.

The users at both events were updated on new features in release 6.0.0 of LS-DYNA 971 & release 10 of Oasys Suite. They were also introduced to the upcoming features in LS-DYNA 980 and release 11 of Oasys software. Dr. Yun Huang, Livermore Software Technology Corporation, introduced the new and upcoming features of LS-DYNA pertaining to NVH and Durability. Mr. Takahiko Miyachi of JSOL has introduced Hycrash & Digitire to the participants, while Mr. Lavendra Singh has introduced FEMZIP & SIMPLEWARE software.

Both events saw enthusiastic participation from the user community, two user presentations each at Pune & Bangalore. Pune event included presentations by Mr. Pratap Daphal, Tata Motors; and Mr. Vijay Kalakala, Mercedes-Benz R&D Pvt India Ltd. Bangalore event included presentations by Mr. Pronoy Ghosh, Mercedes-Benz R&D Pvt India Ltd; and Mr. Srinivasan Velusamy, GM Technical Center Pvt Ltd.

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Top left Dr. Yun Huang presenting at Bangalore event; Top Right delegates at Pune event; Bottom Left Oasys & nhance team along with guests from JSOL; Bottom Right delegates at Bangalore event